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ultra le teint fluide-skin-fondotinta fluido lunga tenuta -ultra confort-risultato impecca
trucco monocromatico 2.png

il fondotinta brevettato
opacizzante ecobio
oil free, anti age


the mattifying foundation oil free anti age
anti-stain-anti-free radicals spf50
long-lasting, it gives an immediately brighter and visibly more uniform complexion.

► the latest generation mineral pigments ,
they help to hide imperfections and irregularities, enhancing the complexion of the skin, without weighing down the features and without a shiny effect.

►stem cells of buddleja protect against stains

►eco-glycosaminoglycans plump 24h

►jojoba oil  rich in micronutrients and vitamins  helps prevent and fight wrinkles

►the mythical, light and non-greasy texture, free of toxic substances, gives you a fairy-like finish

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