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QuickLift  is the transdermal mask, which in a matter of seconds relaxes wrinkles and tiredness / new formula
It is applied on the face and in 15 minutes it relaxes the expression lines
►It enjoys great credibility and seriousness

It is a vegan and natural transdermal
It comes from the world of aesthetic medicine.


VAT Included
  • Pollution and smoking are capable of altering the natural production cycle of collagen and elastin in the dermis.
    Marked wrinkles, relaxation, premature aging compared to the chronological age, direct damage of toxins on the dermis, in particular on elastic fibers, collagen fibers and enzymes of the extracellular matrix, are the primary causes.
    QUICKLIFT is a cutting-edge global project, essential for cellular immune protection in the right dose.
    Highly concentrated antiruge is also suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, it is perfect against blemishes, pollution, photo-aging, wrinkles, expression lines, dull and gray complexion.

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