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Cellular Regenerating Treatment

Breast • Stretch marks • Relaxation

intense and highly concentrated
Intensely regenerates any skin problem.
thanks to the effectiveness of enzymes
contained in the snail slime.
1. Acts on 3 key skin proteins: collagen, elastin and vimentin
2. Fight against established stretch marks
3. Intensely Nourishes and Tones
2. PrevIene and mitigate stretch marks
4. Protects from premature aging
Meets the special needs of skin weakened by changes
hormonal favoring regeneration.
Tested during Maternity

Recommended in All Skin Conditions
• Nickel Tested


SKU: 00GL748
VAT Included
  • It is not utopia, but innovation and advanced experimentation which gives ALLINONE body care products the ability to firm and tone the tissues of the whole body, even the most weakened and without tone.
    ► The body will feed on a concentrate of active ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants with remarkable biostimulating and reactivating characteristics, recovering a firmed and elastic appearance, thanks to the power to stimulate blood circulation, collagen synthesis and the energy metabolism of the cells.
    ► To make your days more pleasant and dedicate some time to the beauty and well-being of the body, treat yourself to a massage letting yourself be enveloped by the intense scent and the silky and light texture of ALLINONE.
    Particularly indicated after sports , but also to combat RELAXATION, present in abundance in snail slime, stimulates lymphatic and circulatory flow, remodeling the body and making the skin firmer and more compact, reinforcing the tissue in depth.
    Pleasantly scented ALLINONE is a pleasure for the senses and the body. A comfort against stress and an essence with extraordinary biostimulating and toning virtues.

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