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Highly concentrated: an exceptional treatment by Allinone

► Thanks to the combination of 12 actions on the eye contour, it helps to regenerate and intensely correct all the visible signs of aging
► Elixir of youth is essential in satisfying all needs
► Enriched with precious royal drool molecules, with an extraordinary regenerating power, it gives a draining and decongestant action.
Recommended in All Skin Conditions
Nickel Heads d


SKU: 00GL739
VAT Included
  • A tailor-made anti-aging treatment able to read the history of the skin: emotions, lifestyle and the environment in which we live are much more decisive on the youth and vitality of the skin than the genetic map.
    Allinone is very famous for its composition based on the natural secretion of royal snail slime , with important and unique cosmetic properties: Nourishing, Protective, Antioxidant, Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, Elasticizing, Corrector of dark spots on the face, eyes and eye contour and lips.
    We produce this serum by hand , starting from a unique fat-soluble solution with purified organic olive oil and Pro Vitamin A (Panthenol) .
    On this basis we add in cold the Royal Snail Slime and Hyaluronic Acid 4 molecular weights, the Argan, the Baobab and the Colloidal Gold and finally we preserve with the Resveratrol.
    The biological formulation carries out a PROTECTIVE action during the day and REGENERATED and NOURISHING during the night.

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