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► Regenerating Activity Tested all over the world in the best clinics




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  • The snail slime is not the same in every snail,
    it undergoes variations in composition depending on the lifestyle .
    ► A natural
    and biological lifestyle makes the secretion highly concentrated, on the contrary an intensive breeding compromises its active concentration.

    ► Green Energy Organics snails are 100% Italian,
    they do not know the intensive cycle
    , they are born and grow in nature and live in a biologically controlled and uncontaminated farm, all under the watchful eye of a certifying body.

    ► They have organic vegetables and fruit available and are sprinkled with spring water to keep their humidity constant.
    ► The snail slime is not extracted before the age of two and the method of manual stimulation is used to do so.
    ► The snails are washed with drinking water and then placed in a wooden container where they are gently massaged with the fingers of the operator's hand.
    ► Once the burr is obtained, they are washed and brought back to the breeding.

    ► The snail slime is filtered and microfiltered to remove any impurities (filtering which takes place in 2 stages, the first for roughing and the second for polishing), and immediately inserted into the dosing bottles.
    ► In this way, the enzymes do not deteriorate and we can receive an excellent product at home, in terms of quality and performance, very high efficacy and also confirmed by a vast amount of studies, research and insights.

    ► Green Energy Organics after 3 years of studies on volunteers, has reconfirmed the great properties of snail slime:
    ► Nourishing action: 80% of our skin is made up of elastin and collagen fibers. All in One , it helps to make the fabrics more elastic and toned.
    ► Regenerating action: the antioxidant , soothing and healing allantoin contributes, supports and helps the epidermal regeneration processes as well as slowing down the skin aging process.
    It helps a lot to reduce acne scars and the resulting discoloration, redness from sun exposure or from dehydration or burns;

    ► Anti-wrinkle action: stimulates collagen synthesis due to glycolic acid combined with collagen, elastin, vitamins and mucopolysaccharides;
    ► Exfoliating action: the presence of glycolic acid allows a gentle peeling of the skin, a precious help for skin spots.
    ► Anti-stretch marks: thanks to the exfoliating action of glycolic acid and the regenerating action of proteins and vitamins
    ► Purifying action: the peptides and glycolic acid contained in snail slime are the main responsible for this beneficial effect, they prevent the accumulation of impurities or, if present, manage to remove them.
    ► Hydro-Restorative Action: (water reserves in the skin) thanks to the proteins and mucopolysaccharides that retain water on the skin for a long time, it helps the oxygenation of the tissues and long-lasting hydration, giving a feeling of healthy skin;

    ► Antioxidant action: vitamin C and vitamin E help reduce inflammation by counteracting free radicals

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