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• 99% natural origin active ingredients Certified by Icea, Ecocert, BDIH, Cosmos and Vegan
• Formulas Tested at the University of Pavia on Sensitive Skin.
• Control • Chromium • Nickel • Cobalt (with values lower than 0.00004%).
• Does not contain Alcohol, Alkaline Soaps, Dyes, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Sles and Peg
• Recyclable packaging has a low environmental impact
• 1000/0 Vegetable and Biodegradable Washing Bases


SKU: 00GL800
VAT Included
  • La Récolte des Fruits is feminine and sensual , and is the ideal complement for all women. Delicious unique and delicate bouquet, to be savored without any moderation ...
    A sensory experience that envelops the body and spirit, releases the joy of living.
    '' The enchanting biological treatment '' blends into the skin instantly, upsetting traditional cosmetics into a whole new concept of beauty.
    Energizing '' releases absolute well-being '' after an intense day of work.
    Unparalleled suggestions and moments of absolute pleasure for a unique approach to beauty and well-being while protecting the eco-system of the skin and nature.
    The sensual, romantic and fruity texture envelops the body and the spirit of sensuality.
    Ideal combination with Energizing Body Milk n.1

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