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"Your Bespoke Eco Routine"
• Detoxifying • Sebum-Normalizing
• Eco-Bio-Sustainable with Zero Impact
• Protects ' ' the Eco-System of Hair and Nature ''
• Preserves and prolongs intensely

shine and shine of the hair
• Strongly Concentrated
with functional substances of
Marigold • Mentha
Althea • Orchid
• The rich and melting texture
It purifies and promotes Capillary Oxygenation

braking the fall
Condition of the hair:
oily scalpwith dandruff and itching


SKU: 00GL845
VAT Included
  • Benefits for Hair: Intensive fortifying treatment and essential daily normalizing sebum, able to act on the fundamental factors that cause progressive fall.
    Detoxifying action: Protects, preserves and prolongs the shine and integrity of the hair by restabilizing the PH, allowing it to "breathe" again (Detoxifying Mucilage of Organic Mountain Plants of Calendula-Mint-White Mallow with antifungal and purifying properties).
    Soothes and promotes capillary oxygenation by slowing down the fall (Aloe Althea Bio-Plant of the Malvaceae family)
    Sebum-Normalizing Action stimulates cellular activity and rebalances it by purifying it (Hibiscus and orchid flower mucilage)
    It nourishes and completes the treatment by restructuring and strengthening the hair

    Its aromatic texture, fresh and melting, strongly concentrated, with the passage of time protects, preserves and intensely prolongs the splendor, shine and integrity of the hair, stopping the fall.

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