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Passing on beauty is an ancient gesture

For the first time Green Energy Organics,
decodes and reveals the youth of the features
Wonderfully smoothing, resculpting and uniforming,
Super Molecular Serum (formula and patented system)
tones the skin in its deepest layers
and in the areas most prone to the signs of aging
Until the end of Covid, the product does not have a box x the company is closed


SKU: 00GL333
VAT Included
    All women dream of having perfect skin, a radiant, even and healthy complexion
    Molecular cosmetic help through the "intelligent molecules" to reactivate the essential skin functions
    What are “intelligent molecules”? designed to help reproduce the functioning of skin molecules, they aim to improve microcirculation, revitalize the skin and increase the production of collagen, conveying the highest levels of active ingredients and bio-peptides.
    There are two fundamental principles of molecular cosmetics:
    1- The use of exclusive active ingredients called intelligent molecules, designed to reproduce the molecules that are naturally part of the dermis, and characterized by: high purity, high efficacy, high bioavailability, high safety.
    2- An innovative transmission system allows these active ingredients to be brought precisely where they are extremely useful, that is, below the superficial layers of the epidermis, where they join the naturally occurring molecules, helping them to reduce the negative effects of aging.

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