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Highly concentrated formula without water with full and intensive action.
The absolute global anti-aging treatment is born from Molecular Research.
Super concentrated Bioyalu is the specific treatment for devitalized and prematurely aged skin, dehydrated, with marked wrinkles, loss of tone, sagging of the oval, lack of uniformity, tired appearance.
N utre, compacts and regenerates during the night, thanks to the pool of super active ingredients that act in synergy In & Out.
Returns elasticity and vitality, Gendo synergistically on all signs of skin aging.
Recommended for all skin types that need strong treatment.

BIOYALU The Créme Bleu Extraordinaire de Nuit

SKU: 00GL340
VAT Included
  • Discover the intelligence of BioYalu's Le Soin Bleu
    Continuous innovation is the driving force that has guided Green Energy Organics from the very beginning.
    Starting from its Eco Bio origins , we have always created value, combining quality, tradition and culture: quality that distinguishes the True Made in Italy.
    Always one step ahead, constantly at the forefront of research, we have reinvented skincare, committing ourselves to the well-being and beauty of the skin since 1992.
    ►Powerful Night Supplement Bioyalu , helps to prolong the life of cells by strengthening the defense mechanisms against free radicals.
    Double defense for stronger , healthier looking skin
    Activates the defenses both from inside and outside, improving the functions of immune cells.
    ►F promotes elasticity , optimizing the number of Langerhans cells, to counteract stress.
    Boosts the functions of immune cells, making the skin's defenses stronger against the effects of pollution.
    Stimulates microcirculation , hydrates and defends against the effects of stress, aging and pollution.

      A targeted treatment for skin sensitive to hormonal changes.


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