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Practical and Delicious,
Reserve Incredible Properties
wonderfully fine and light,
• It meets all the requirements
of a perfect toilet powder,
in compact format
• Rich in Precious
Rice • Aloe • Chamomile • Organic Calendula
Gives an incredible silk effect
Much loved by Professional Makeupartists
from Moms and Green's
used before any makeup
gives perfect makeup
eliminates the hated blackheads and pimples


SKU: 00GL025
VAT Included
  • Practical and delicious, wonderfully fine and light, it is ideal for everyday protection  particularly sensitive areas  (skin folds, armpits, etc.) of babies and children. 
    Loved by the "Professional Makeup Artists" in the world, it comes
      used before any makeup to get a perfect makeup. 
    Little used by make-up addicts in Italy or by those who wear makeup often enough, it is still an unknown product.
    Rice powder, despite being little known, is a reserve of  truly amazing properties, such as,  eliminates the hated blackheads and pimples  since it is a natural product it tends not to clog the pores, the final result will be a silky effect on  facial skin.
    It is a professional product enriched with Aloe and Calendula, with a very fine consistency it can easily replace the classic face powder.

    For all those who have the  oily skin  and they try every day to eliminate, or at least limit the greasiness in the T zone , ie forehead, nose and chin, the rice powder will prove to be very useful precisely because it has an absorbent function. Without considering that the rice powder does not replace only the  face powder , but could also be used as   concealer . If you think about it, it is a considerable saving since with a single product you replace three, each of which very often is not exactly cheap.
    For Babies: "It has all the requirements of a perfect toilet powder, but in a compact format" perfect for any diaper change or after a bath.  Softening and soothing, rich in precious nectar and delicate mucilage of plants with a biological heart, it helps prevent redness and irritation, performs a delicate absorbing and refreshing action, leaving the skin soft and dry.  After a bath or shower it helps to dry the skin, making it soft and velvety giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.  Essential for the child, a real refreshment for the sensitive and reddened skin of the adult.

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