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Liposomal gel cream for the treatment of leg swelling accompanied by water retention.
It stimulates the microcirculation by eliminating swelling and the feeling of heaviness in the legs and ankles
Very light hydrates and gives immediate relief to tired legs, ankles and swollen feet.
Refreshes and soothes immediately
Light and silky texture
Very fresh texture absorbs immediately leaving the skin smooth and soft
Skin conditions: heavy legs and poor circulation
100% Vegan • Without Nanoparticles • Nickel Tested • Gluten Free


SKU: 00GL865
19,99 €Price
VAT Included
  • Fatigue, stress, a sedentary lifestyle and other factors risk causing heaviness in the legs
    The "heavy legs syndrome" is very common.
    The symptoms with which it occurs are the sensation of pain, swelling and heaviness.
    GREEN TEA & GINGER RITUALS are a useful remedy to eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the legs and immediately find relief.
    The synergistic and enhanced action of its active ingredients gives immediate relief and helps improve circulation, favoring the drainage of excess fluids.

  • Apply the product once or more times a day, when you feel the need, with large and circular movements from the ankle up to the extremity of the leg, until completely absorbed.
    For an intensive action: apply in conjunction with Huile Ecologique Tonifying

    is a professional and specific product characterized by a concentrate of active ingredients of natural and biological origin, notoriously appreciated for their ability to facilitate microcirculation, strengthen capillaries and counteract water retention. After applying the cream on tired and swollen legs, it will benefit from a stimulating and refreshing action, and the skin will become more silky and soft.
    It is recommended to apply on swollen legs, massaging carefully with the fingertips until completely absorbed. To increase the feeling of freshness and relief, you can store the refreshing leg gel in the refrigerator before application.
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