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The Unmistakable Enveloping Body Balm,
embraces all the problems related to skin aging
1-Absence of compactness
2-Signs of dehydration
4-Stretch marks
5.Loss of collagen
Exceptional texture absorbs immediately
leaving the skin smooth and soft
Skin conditions: very dehydrated and stressed
• 100% Vegan • Without Nanoparticles • Nickel Tested • Gluten Free


SKU: 00GL835
VAT Included
  • The Wellness Ritual of invaluable help during Motherhood
    Scientifically formulated for the regeneration of the skin reticulum.

    A targeted solution for all skin that is fragile and sensitized by its own nature, due to age, or in any case a consequence of wrong treatments.
    Highly concentrated 100% biological shock treatment, used regularly during maternity, prevents relaxation by carrying out an intensive shock action.
    8 Exceptional Bio Nutrients:
    • Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter Deeply Elasticizing and Nourishing ,
    • Omega 3, 6, 9, Natural Vitamins A, K, E , C, B1, B2.
    • Rice Coconut Oil and
    Wheat Germ ,
    fill and improve cellular communication and defense.
    • Antioxidants and Anti-Radicals from "Grape Polyphenols" help prevent skin relaxation.
    An Infusion of Mucilage of Plants of: Calendula, White Mallow and Althea Officinalis (Marsh-Mallow) reactivates the microcirculation.
    The exceptional texture envelops fencing and respects the health of Mother and Child.
    It absorbs immediately, giving relief and extreme comfort, softness and elasticity

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