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Precious Specific Home-Spa Treatment

Ultra-Concentrated-Extremely Effective
It takes care of the blemishes related to Cellulite
Contributes and Helps to alleviate:
● Contrasts the adiposity associated with water retention
● Promotes the drainage of liquids
● Fights Free Radicals.
● Improves the Condition and Aesthetic Appearance of legs suffering from swelling and heaviness
Dark and Rich envelops you in absolute well-being
Mud therapy is a Must of the Thermal Wellness Centers,
Recommended for all skin conditions


SKU: 00GL174
VAT Included
  • The muds of volcanic origin (taken from the 3 energy centers of the volcanic islands) have been used since "Antiquity in mud therapy".
    Extremely rich in active ingredients with very high concentration and essential oils, extracted with specific methods (pressing or steam distillation).
    Composed of selected active molecules that act in synergy with the volcanic muds, the Essential Oils contain active ingredients in concentrations even 100 times greater capable of :.
    1-Stimulate the metabolism
    2-Reduce Lymphatic Stagnation
    3-Reactivate Blood Microcirculation and Drain.
    Precious Specific Home-Spa Treatment: Remodels-Drains-Detoxes.
    It combines a careful selection of highly concentrated Draining Essential Extracts Ivy, Ginko, Centella Asiatica
    The Essential Oils of Rosemary, Mallow, Oregano, Arnica Montana , help to reactivate the microcirculation favoring the elimination of toxins.
    Its mineral wealth reactivates skin microcirculation ( Volcanic Mud ), counteracting tissue congestion and water retention.

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