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The Intelligent Cleansing
improves skin hydration indices
increasing the biodiversity of the microbiota

► Instantly reveal a brighter complexion
►Rectifies all skin types
►Prepare for the next stages of treatment
► Helps to gently eliminate dead cells
► Keeps the hydrolipidic film intact
►Eliminates the most tenacious make-up including waterproof.
Perfect for delicate skin


VAT Included
  • It is the tailor-made cream for all skin types, even the most demanding and intolerant ones.
    Perfectly eliminates all traces of impurities and make-up with water, including the most tenacious and waterproof make-up, preparing the skin for the subsequent phases of the treatment
    Ultra-Comforting, it protects the skin from environmental aggressions, the primary cause of aging.

    Creamy and enveloping texture, it removes make-up and softens delicately
    ►Rich in organic extracts of Hamamelis, Rosa Centifolia, Rosa Canina, White Mallow, Organic Red Vine Leaves
    ►Jojoba Oil - Organic Olive Oil: organic boosters of Omega 6 and 9, very rich in mineral salts, vitamin E and essential micronutrients, protects and neutralizes the free radicals responsible for premature aging, fights dehydration, increasing its elasticity
    ► Shea Butter, counteracts cellular aging by acting when the skin is at rest
    Its exquisite creamy and melting texture divinely spreads rapidly ensuring indispensable results day after day.

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