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Curative Treatment for Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

the winning choice for anyone who wants long lashes,
thick and attractive, even without mascara.

Guarantees visible results already after 25 days ,

►Content:  10 ML
the Ethics of Green Beauty
►Waterless Molecular Formulation
►Ethical and Sustainable-Cruelty-Free
►Nickel Tested
► GMO free
►Guaranteed Cruelty Free
Tested under dermatological control
Tested under ophthalmological control
it is suitable for contact lens wearers.

LASH ENHANCER-Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

VAT Included
  • The regular use of cosmetics, external aggressors (pollution, sun), stress, diets, alter the quality of keratin, making the lashes brittle, damaged and weak.
    Point of reference of the most famous make-up artists all over the world, beautiful and thick eyelashes are the "must have" with which to create, design, define.

    Vegan and cruelty-free Lash Enhancer is formulated with ingredients of natural origin and organic extracts, in compliance with the standards of European guidelines.
    Free from parabens, synthetic dyes, silicones, petroleum-derived ingredients, the Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment helps and strengthens weak and brittle lashes, promoting natural health and beauty.

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