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Fresh and Chic, it represents splendor
and the sensuality of Iris.
24h of effectiveness
Free of aluminum salts
Contains no alcohol
Contains no essential oils
Delicate and Fresh respects the PH

• Guarantees excellent skin tolerability
• Effective • Protects • Prevents bad smells
• Regulates the hydration processes.
• Doesn't Stain Clothes
• Perfect for delicate and sensitive skin.

Ensures a long-lasting feeling of well-being.


SKU: 00GL195
VAT Included
  • A perfect bouquet: flowery, young and sophisticated.
    It evokes the intensity of a sunny Italian day, enhances the cooler nuances of the seductive Iris.

    A sweet, elegant and imperceptible olfactory poem that releases radiant and irresistible notes. Fresh and Chic, it represents the splendor and sensuality of Iris.
    The first gesture of attention drawn into the heart of GreenEnergy steam-distilled plants.
    The awareness of being perfectly in order in facing the challenges of the day with a smile makes us feel relaxed and calm.
    Refined, the Deò Ecolò by GreenEnergy infuse a fresh, refined and sparkling scent, helping to regulate the skin's hydration processes.
    In its composition the water of Iris infuses a flowery, young and sophisticated perfume.
    Sweating helps to eliminate metabolic residues and together with the protective acid mantle of the skin constitutes a sort of barrier against any agents that are harmful to health.
    The effectiveness tested 24 hours, prevents the formation of bad odors, leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness for a long time.
    Its fragrance, from the morning on, gives widespread well-being, quenches the senses and revitalizes the spirit.Ideal for hypersensitive skin.
    The perfect synergy of Peppermint, Thyme and Ginger with astringent and antiseptic properties, helps neutralize bacteria, ensuring an effective and delicate deodorant action on the skin.
    Alcohol-free, Does Not Stain Clothes and is ideal for sensitive skin.

    Ph: 4.5 / 5.0 - Vegan.

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