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The Third Phase of the D-SENSI Care System '
new! enriched with Hyaluronic 4 Molecular Weights
to support the vital biological rhythms of sensitive skin.

• Effective and Bioactive, it stimulates cellular respiration.
Activates the elasticity and tone of the skin.
• Promotes anti-aging and counteracts the effects of sensitive skin.

Stimulates the synergy of protein molecules (OMEGA 3 • 6.9)
• Protects and soothes from photo-aging
Relaxes sensitive skin while protecting it
The extremely delicate texture relieving the feeling of discomfort
Skin condition: any skin condition especially
protects and defends the most sensitive and intolerant skin.


SKU: 00GL704
VAT Included
  • The third phase of the D-SENSI 'Care System in Support of the Vital Biological Rhythms of Sensitive Skin.
    It arises from the need for absolute quality that expresses
    "Safety • Advantage for the skin • Respect for the environment • Safety guarantee • Effectiveness:
    an essential combination of quality:
    impalpable quality and active 24 hours, the purity expressed only by biological active ingredients.

    • Effective and Bioactive , it stimulates cellular respiration, activates skin elasticity and tone, promotes anti-aging and counteracts the effects of sensitive skin.
    • Activates skin metabolism thanks to vitamin complexes and OMEGA 3 • 6.9.
    Stimulates the synergy of protein molecules active on dehydrated and hypoelastic skin.
    • Protects and soothes from photo-aging, restoring youth and quality to the skin, without occluding or irritating.
    • The calming action of the infusions of Rosa Canina, Rosa Centifolia, the Extract and the Infusion of Chamomile and White Mallow , modulated by the presence of hyaluronic acid , protects against aggressions by strengthening the protective barrier.
    • It controls the “structural” hydration in the epidermis, conditioning the production of neocollagen.
    Essential molecule for the restructuring capacity of Hyaluronic Acid, hydrates and relaxes sensitive skin while protecting its health.
    The extremely delicate and melting texture caresses the skin, relieving the feeling of discomfort .

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