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Maximum Concentration New Molecular Formula
►The first phase of the "D-SENSI Care System"
to support the vital biological rhythms of sensitive skin .
►Decongestionante is Delicatissimo
►Rich in EcoBio Soothing Active Ingredients:
Wild Roses, Mallow, Chamomile, Hyaluronicum
• Soothes and Decongests, relieving feelings of discomfort
Protects and preserves the skin's natural defenses
• Prepares and supports the skin for subsequent treatments
Easily removed with water without leaving deposits
►Skin condition: any skin condition


SKU: 00GL707
VAT Included
  • Having a silky complexion will no longer be a dream!

    Gelée Fraîche Nettoyante à la Rose, is a very soothing and decongestant make-up remover jelly with wild roses, mallow, chamomile and hyaluronic acid .
    Its melting and creamy texture preserves the skin's natural defenses.

    Characterized by a natural "Rosa Powder" color due to the "Anthocyanins of Grape Polyphenols and Rosa Canina", Restructuring and Very Soothing, it protects the natural enzymes of the skin making it soft and velvety.
    It caresses and relieves any feeling of discomfort and redness, often linked to cleaning and removing make-up.
    Extremely delicate “Indispensable Gesture”, it removes impurities and toxins, keeping skin lipids and the right amount of water in the cells as intact as possible.
    By simply removing, but also providing restorative substances, it is simply removed with water without leaving deposits.
    Protects • Prepares • Supports the skin for subsequent treatments.

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