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Clean & Ocean Friendly: since “92 respects the seas and the environment

Super Protective Molecular Formula
Protects from infrared rays and visible light
Protects lips from the aggressions of sun and wind and salt.
Prevents lips from drying out and cracking
Content: 30ML
the Ethics of Green Beauty
►Waterless Molecular Formulation
►Ethical and Sustainable
►Nickel Tested
► GMO free
►Guaranteed Cruelty Free
Tested under dermatological control


VAT Included
  • Free from environmentally harmful filters, in particular for the coral reef and its crumbling and whitening , the formulas of Green Energy Organics are eco-sustainable and biodegradable up to almost one hundred percent and do not impact marine fauna and flora.
    It combines protection and care, exploiting the virtues of ancient plants of natural and organic origin, in compliance with the standards of the European organic guidelines.
    The smart formula, vegan and cruelty-free, without parabens, synthetic dyes, silicones, ingredients derived from petroleum, is super safe for those who love to play sports on the beach.
    Anti-sand, it starts "moving" and resists everything , adapting to any activity: from a simple walk in the water to running, from beach volleyball to paddle standing, from yoga to Frisbee
    Anti-aging, it protects against damage caused by photo-exposure and at the same time prevents the degradation of dermal proteins on which the elasticity, firmness and firmness of the lips depend.
    It fights free radicals, from the damage of sunlight, from pollution and at the same time prevents skin aging and dehydration.
    The vaporous, light and melting texture encourages frequent reapplication, without compromise as recommended by dermatologists.

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