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Acts on the balance of the microbiota,
respecting cellular functionality

Delicate and balanced, its antioxidant and regenerating action,
favors the increase of skin elasticity
and the maintenance of cellular physiology.

►Promotes cell renewal
►Legates toxins and removes pores and blackheads

► The gentle resurfacing action eliminates dead cells

Strengthens and defends from stress

► Drastically increases the effectiveness of serums


VAT Included
    The bacterial flora of the skin is no longer just an element to be preserved, but a key factor for the beauty of the skin
    The microbiome is the new answer for healthy and beautiful skin

    ►Rebalancing the ecosystem of good bacteria is very important
    ►Reinforcing the barrier functions of the skin is essential
    ►Contrasting the processes of irritation is essential
    Promote the balance of the skin microbiota and strengthen the skin's defenses.
    Your skin is made up of thousands of good bacteria that form the protective layer called the microbiome.
    If the microbiome becomes imbalanced or removed, your skin becomes inflamed and sensitive.

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