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Global Detoxifying Treatment
The 1st fundamental daily gesture
able to detoxify and re-oxygenate the skin.
It supports the detoxification and reoxygenation rhythms of the skin,
allowing her to breathe freely without interfering
in its natural renewal processes.
Free from toxins the complexion is again
able to "breathe".
Recommended for all skin conditions.
• 100% Vegan • Without Nanoparticles • Nickel Tested • Gluten Free


SKU: 00GL360
VAT Included
  • The 1st fundamental daily gesture capable of detoxifying and re-oxygenating the skin .
    Drawn in the heart of organic plants, 100% steam distilled, it is the last frontier of Eco Organic research.
    Fresh and ultra-soothing (Precious organic Viancciolo vegetable oils - Rice-Almonds-Vit E-) in contact with the skin gives a spectacular cleansing.
    Fluid and delicate, in a gesture of infinite sweetness, it eliminates all traces of impurities and make-up from eyes, lips and face, including the most tenacious make-up (waterproof).
    Hibiscus flower mucilages have been shown to stimulate the renewal process from toxins that penetrate into the cells,
    releasing the energies in the heart of the skin.
    Mucilage of Organic Montane Plants (Aloe-Calendula-Mentha-White Mallow-Rosa Canina)
    They soothe by
    stimulating the renewal process, freed from all those particles and impurities that hinder it
    the natural physiological functions the skin returns to breathe.
    Once regenerated, the skin amplifies the effectiveness of subsequent treatments.
    The paraben-free organic formula is tested under dermatological control.
    Contains no: alcohol

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