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Ultra Comforting and Delicate
Strictly non-alcoholic vaporized on the face, neck and décolleté
in the morning and in the evening it envelops you in absolute comfort
It nourishes and envelops, recharging stressed skin
Anti-Stress relieves tired skin
Calm and Reconfirm by relaxing tired skin
Protects and Defends from the ravages of time
Infinitely sweet it melts instantly
enveloping in absolute well-being
Recommended for very dehydrated and stressed skin


SKU: 00GL135
VAT Included
  • Strictly non-alcoholic , generous and pleasant, it is the "Super Moisturizing Treatment" ,
    completes the make-up removing the last traces with extreme delicacy.
    It moisturizes and nourishes the skins tried by a hectic life, protects them from the harmful effects of daily aggressions: pollution, stress, heat, cold, sudden changes in temperature ...
    An infusion of Precious Mucilage of Red Vine leaves, White Mallow, Linden Flowers, Calendula Flowers from steam distillation, give relief to tired and stressed skin, calming the typical sensation of dehydrated skin.
    Sprayed on the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and in the evening, it offers a unique balance of generosity and lightness and envelops you in a feeling of absolute comfort, restores the correct natural PH, soothes after sun exposure
    The paraben-free organic formula is tested under dermatological control.
    Contains no: alcohol

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