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Ultra-Intensive Face and Neck Treatment
The anti-age ritual of invaluable help
Stimulates and Regenerates the micro circulation,
Preserves the youth of men's skin
Relaxes and Redensifies the skin tissues
Refill of youth and source of brightness
He fights   the appearance of pigment spots
Recommended in all skin conditions and in a special way
to skins marked by time with loss of compactness


SKU: 00GL402
VAT Included
  • Revolutionary Intensive Fluid for Plant Stem Cells with a fresh and light texture, extraordinarily rich in youth catalyst molecules, 'Helps Slow Cellular Aging' by providing the skin with the vital energy necessary to fight the signs of aging
    1. Anti-aging and Anti-Stress (Grapeseed Oil - Organic Olive-Currant Oil) helps to slow down cellular aging, visibly recompacting the skin state
    2. Replenish-Recompact (Organic Sea Buckthorn and Oregano stem cells) helps to relaunch cellular activity, favoring the structural recovery of the dermis
    3. Recharge of youth and brightness , (organic stem of currant and trace elements) acts on all the signs of aging at 360 °
    4. Corrects stains, prevents their appearance and fights radicals (organic green tea stem cells)

    The exquisite light and melting texture divinely spreads rapidly ensuring indispensable results day after day.
    Recommended in all skin conditions and especially for skins marked by time with loss of firmness

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