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Specific-Ultra-Intensive Treatment
• Irresistibly Dense and Rich
• It disciplines the beard very well
• Shiny • Softens • Nourishes
• In contact with the skin: Regenerates • Calms • Hydrates


Recommended for all types of beards
50 ML


SKU: 00GL407
VAT Included
  • 100% Organic Premium Beard Oil
    it is the ideal ally for the growth of a strong and soft beard, so even those who love you thanks you!
    To be used every day and even several times a day if you wish as it is deeply nourishing but at the same time very delicate.  

    It is specifically formulated with Organic Grape and Cocoa Polyphenols and Coconut and Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Vitamin E to give you incredible nourishment to the skin and beard, allowing it to grow strong and at the same time soft and silky preventing weakening. and facial redness and irritation.
    Suitable for all skin types and beards - long and short.

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