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Drawn from the heart of certified organic plants
is the 1st fundamental daily gesture able to:

Detoxify and Purify
• Technical and Infallible " Dual Use"
• Allows for a perfect shave
• Perfectly cleanses without irritating
• Soothes • Calms • Protects from the effects of limescale
• Stimulates and Regenerates the micro circulation
• Facilitates the sliding of the razor, leaves the skin soft and fresh
Transparent and non-foaming allows you to 'define'
with precision sideburns, beards, mustaches and goatees,
customizing lines and details.
He fights the appearance of pigment spots
200 ML
Recommended in All Skin Conditions


SKU: 00GL400
VAT Included
  • Technical and Infallible " Dual Use" Gel
    Its formula with aloe , vine extract , ginger, mint and chamomile hydrates the skin, giving it freshness and well-being .

    Tips for use:
    Daily cleansing: fresh and light, it purifies without drying the skin, defends it from the harmful effects of limescale and ensures well-being, softness and elasticity, preparing it for shaving. Perfect soap substitute cleanses from smog in depth, leaving the skin of the face clean, soft, ready to shave.
    Shaving: transparent and non-foaming , it allows you to quickly and precisely 'define' sideburns, beards, mustaches and goatees, customizing lines and details in all sweetness in full respect of the male PH. It can be used with both hand and electric razors Helps to counteract aging from stress, improves vitality and skin tone, leaving the skin fresh, soft and slightly scented.
    Organic Mint and Chamomile : helps to decongest and sweeten.
    Organic Aloe Vera and Ginger : soothes and energizes, leaving the skin fresh and hydrated
    • Bio-Polyphenols from Organic Grape Seeds: global anti-aging act effectively on all signs of skin stress.

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