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• Ensures an immediate lifting effect ,
• Fights bags, dark circles and swelling
• Facilitates microcirculation in the eye area.
• Provides instant relief
• Multi-Moisturizer fights wrinkles, bags and dark circles
• Helps eliminate unsightly dark shadows under the eyes.
Recommended in Stressed-Arid and Fragile skin conditions


SKU: 00GL406
VAT Included
  • Extremely Nourishing and Ultra Comforting, it is a complete treatment for the eye and lip contour , it helps to restore extreme and lasting comfort by recharging essential biological micronutrients
    Five exceptional bio-nutrients: Cocoa-Almonds-Rice-Olive-Shea in high concentration
    Global anti-aging treatment : counteracts the signs of cellular aging caused by the passage of time and stress and collagen loss (contains high levels of exclusive mucilage of calendula, mallow, althaea and resveratrol repair plants) helps reduce small wrinkles and dark circles, micro-inflammations, edema and lipid deposits in the eye area.
    Soothing , it improves communication and cellular defense ( Precious Mucilage of Linden Flowers , White Mallow, Calendula Flowers ) gives relief and extreme comfort to the tired and stressed eye and lip contour.

    Very delicate and melting texture, it absorbs immediately .

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