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New Molecular Formula
The balance of our skin depends on a healthy microbiome,
able to defend, moisturize and repair the skin every day.
Delicate and free of surfactants, the Passiflora Micellar:

Cleanses by affinity Intelligently
►It is different and you see it in only one pump:
1 • Perfectly cleanses without leaving traces
2 • Removes Face Makeup • Eyes • Lips
3 • Hydrates • Tones • Refreshes-Soothes
4 • Protects the Microbiome
►Skin condition:
designed for all skin conditions
including combination, oily or acne-prone skin
► Free from fragrances, dyes and synthetic preservatives
Nickel Tested • Vegan • Alcohol Free
►Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested


SKU: 00GL483
VAT Included
  • Micellar Water is a product that should never be missing in daily skin care. Why?
    ►The reason is simple: unlike other solutions, it cleanses perfectly without damaging the hydro-lipid barrier of the dermis.
    ►Designed especially for reactive skin prone to diffuse or localized redness, it is a natural and delicate lotion perfect for everyone
    Its functions are many:
    1. Eliminates and detoxes from impurities and excess sebum
    2. Hydrates and respects the natural balance of the skin
    3.Gently cleanses and removes make-up
    4. Guarantees excellent tolerability on the periocular area
    5.Gives a feeling of immediate comfort.
    6.Does not contain: perfume, preservative, soap, alcohol
    All in 1 product !!
    A must-have for women who, due to lifestyles or cosmetic habits, do not like classic cleansing or prefer ease of use and modern functionality.
    Essential when traveling, it is a precious multipurpose and super practical cosmetic!

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