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The global “Tailor-made” Anti Age Expertise treatment
Prodigious treatment with Hyaluronic Acid
Low Molecular Weight Ecobio 90%
for the treatment of the eye contour
• Hydration booster
• Decongests
• Defends against aging
• Gives an immediate tightening effect
Practical and functional, it acts on several fronts,
guaranteeing an effective treatment action to the eye contour
and an immediately fresher, relaxed and rested appearance.

University test of effectiveness: Revitalized and "re-plumped" the skin is visibly more elastic, compact and young
96% of women find their skin brighter * - 89% say they have revitalized skin
• Tests and conditions issued by the use made by 60 women - 1 application


VAT Included
  • Genetic predisposition and aging on the one hand, external factors, such as continuous exposure to the sun or sun lamps, poor eating habits, poor night sleep, smoking and stress on the other, can favor the process of thinning of tissues and slowing of blood flow, causing eyelid swelling and playing an important role in the manifestation of dark circles and bags under the eyes.  

    Particularly suitable for all skin types and conditions, it responds optimally to the needs of the periocular area , where the skin is much thinner than other areas since it does not have an underlying fatty tissue.

  • After cleansing
    1-Gently remove the patches from the package with your fingertips. 
    2-Apply under the eyes with the thin part of the patch facing the inner corner under the eyes. 
    3-Leave on for 10-15 minutes and remove the patches. 
    Single use.
    Valuable Tips: For a super refreshing effect, put your patches in the refrigerator before applying. 
    Innovative technology with proven effectiveness makes GreenEnergy eye patches a Must-Have to help fight wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, dark circles and bags under the eyes simultaneously.

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