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The Quick Lift Therapy Rituals
Lift Effect Anti Age Face Treatment
The alternative to cosmetic surgery that helps
renew and bring vital energy to the skin
necessary to fight the signs of aging in
four synergistic actions in just 30 minutes of application:
1. Awaken the radiance of the skin
2.Contrast the loss of elasticity
3.Gives an immediate tightening effect
4. Reloading of youth and source of brightness
5.Reactivates and balances cellular metabolism


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  • Recommended in all skin conditions and especially for skins marked by time with loss of firmness
    There are three main symptoms of the aging process, each one affects the appearance of the face differently.
    Skin texture changes over time, wrinkles are usually the first visible signs of these changes.
    The loss of volume is the relaxation of the face and neck.
    The skin structure loses density and often appears relaxed and thinner.
    Freckles and hyperpigmentation are the result of the damaging effects of the sun.
    City pollution accelerates the effects of damage caused by free radicals, particularly when combined with sun exposure.
    A good beauty routine is essential to help treat the signs of aging: loss of volume, loss of density, wrinkles and related conditions such as dry skin caused by aging or the sensitivity of mature skin.

  • 1-Apply the molecular serum on dry and well cleansed skin
    2-The mask is not dirty and has liquids so once applied you can get dressed and go out

    3-Leave in place under the clothes for the time necessary for the active ingredients to transfer into the transderm.
    It is used 2/3 times a week or even daily in case of particularly aged and damaged skin.
    New generation professional treatment
    defined as epigenetic, it is the mouthpiece of the so-called "epigenetic immunocosmetics" its action is immediate and long-term.





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