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The global "Tailored" Anti-Aging Expertise Treatment
It relaunches
the cell regeneration processes
Meets all the needs of the Eye, Face and Lip Contour:
Extremely concentrated in active ingredients
Acts on all signs of age: deep wrinkles
It intensely nourishes by fighting the passage of time
Unico gives a total "Remise en Forme" effect

Rich and very light, it absorbs immediately
Recommended for more demanding skins - marked by time


SKU: 00GL878
VAT Included
  • The global anti-aging expertise treatment around the eyes, face and lips
    Extraordinary goes beyond the limits of traditional cosmetics, it responds optimally to the needs of the periocular area, where the skin is much thinner than other areas because it does not have an underlying fatty tissue.
    The global anti-aging action strengthened by Precious Mucilage of :
    Linden Flowers, Aloe, Grape Polyphenols, 4 Organic Distillates of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange Blossom and Pomegranate, has been shown to restore the level of Hyaluronic Acid, counteracting free radicals and fighting skin aging.
    The extraordinary "Made to Measure" global anti-aging treatment satisfies all the needs of the delicate contour area
    Eyes and Lips: Hydration and Lift, Nourishment and Spot Prevention.
    Activates microcirculation for a final Anti-bags and Anti-dark circles effect.
    Its fluid and very soft texture penetrates immediately leaving a feeling of total and lasting comfort on the skin

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