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"dedicated to very demanding skins  "
Deep Anti-Aging
It offers the effectiveness of a Serum and the lightness of a Fluid
Intensive tonic and specific anti-aging 
The tailor-made answer that helps improve nutrition
Perfect complement applied before the cream 
habitual  it increases  efficacy and nourishment 
up to 50% for the whole day.
Gives maximum hydration and nourishment 
Offers perfect and total cell protection.
Stimulates collagen synthesis by revitalizing
Recommended for more demanding skins, marked by time with loss of firmness


SKU: 00GL653
VAT Included
  • LIFTAGE FLUIDE ECOLOGIQUE : the epigenetic science
    Epigenetics is the future of anti-aging, it facilitates skin rejuvenation and renewal, exploits the mechanisms of regulation of gene expression for the benefit of the health and beauty of the skin, helps promote skin rejuvenation by fighting the main causes of 'aging
    A Tailored Answer that helps stimulate the synthesis of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules, helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin by reshaping the oval of the face
    It improves cellular communication and favors a greater thickness of the epidermis, a greater density of collagen, and an improvement in the skin texture.

    Its light and fresh texture enhances the results of subsequent products.
    Recommended for very demanding skins marked by time with loss of firmness

    * EcoBio Stem Cells

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