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The second phase in Green Energy Organics' 3-step Bespoke Care System
It is not a Tonic, it is not a lotion and should not be applied with a cotton ball.

► Re-studied from molecular biology in a subtle and light form,
it is an essence-treatment.
► conveying million micronized drops
in jute to reactivate the osmotic pump,
attracts to the surface the active ingredients necessary to self-protect the skin from viruses, pollution and
skin damage caused by free radicals
► Keeps the immune system efficient.


SKU: 00GL12
VAT Included
  • How does Lolomai affect skin health ? The skin microbiome is an immense expanse of harmless bacteria that resides on our skin, with the aim of protecting us from harmful germs, viruses and toxins.
    A healthy microbiome not only protects us from pathogens, external factors and dehydration, but makes our skin visibly healthier and brighter.
    Born from molecular biology studies applied to skin physiology, it contains all the benefits of Green Energy Organics' exclusive Lolomai patent.

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