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The Triple Action Molecular Treatment in 3 Steps
The microbiome is the new answer for healthy and beautiful skin

Rebalances the ecosystem of good bacteria
Strengthens the skin's barrier functions
Stabilizes the skin microflora
Protects the skin barrier from bacterial infections.
Contrasts the processes of irritation
Promotes the balance of the skin microbiota

the Ethics of Green Beauty
►Waterless Molecular Formulation
►Ethical and Sustainable
►Nickel Tested
► GMO free
►Guaranteed Cruelty Free
Tested under dermatological control


SKU: 00GL13
VAT Included
  • How does Lolomai affect skin health ? The skin microbiome is an immense expanse of harmless bacteria that resides on our skin, with the aim of protecting us from harmful germs, viruses and toxins.
    A healthy microbiome not only protects us from pathogens, external factors and dehydration, but makes our skin visibly healthier and brighter.
    Born from molecular biology studies applied to skin physiology, it contains all the benefits of Green Energy Organics' exclusive Lolomai patent.

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