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Prodigious and Revolutionary Treatment
to plant mother cells
It nourishes and envelops, recharging stressed skin
Anti-Stress relieves tired skin
Calm and Reconfirm by relaxing tired skin
Protects and Defends from the ravages of time
Infinitely sweet it melts instantly
enveloping in absolute well-being
Recommended in Stressed-Arid and Fragile skin conditions


SKU: 00GL809
VAT Included
  • A prodigious and revolutionary global anti-aging treatment with plant mother cells
    extraordinarily rich in youth catalyst molecules, able to Destress - Comfort - Nourish skins tried by a hectic life, protect from the effects of time and pollution that make the complexion tired and stressed in four synergistic actions
    1. Global anti-aging treatment: counteracts cellular aging (Calendula, Mallow, Althaea, Cocoa Butter and Sea Buckthorn Stem Cells and Green Tea).
    2. Soothing and anti-wrinkle,
    improves communication and cellular defense (Precious Mucilage of Linden Flowers, White Mallow, Calendula Flowers and Red Vine leaves gives relief to tired and stressed skin, calming the typical sensation of dehydrated and stressed skin
    3. Restructuring and restorative essential anti-aging, reactivates the skin substance, restores lasting support and comfort, acts in depth, recharges essential micronutrients (five exceptional bio-nutrients: Cocoa Butter-Almond Oil-Rice Oil- Shea Butter in high concentration)
    4. Protects and neutralizes the free radicals
    responsible for premature aging, fights dehydration, increases elasticity, maintains a young and vital skin, improving its tone and firmness (Organic Cocoa Butter and Sea Buckthorn Stem Cells, Oregano, Ribes and Green Tea).
    Soothing, moisturizing and anti-stress, it acts when the skin is at rest to help it regenerate its cellular "capital".
    Delicious and voluptuous, it intensely nourishes, comforting.
    Generous and light texture for a perfectly velvety final effect.

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