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The Quintessence of Anti-aging
Anti-dark spot Illuminating Serum Fluid
Corrects stains and prevents their appearance
Even and brighten the complexion
• Deeply moisturizes revealing a gorgeous complexion
• Rebalances the skin during menopause
(Buddleja Meristem Cell Culture and Yaluronic Acid)
• Supplement Basic treatments when the skin loses its balance
Recommended for any skin condition.


SKU: 00GL655
VAT Included
  • Illuminates-Uniforms-Fights skin discoloration.
    It offers the highest concentration imaginable of active ingredients to help revive radiance by perfecting the balance of the five fundamental characteristics of the skin
    Buddleja Davidii Meristem Cell Culture Extract + Eco-Glycosaminoglycans + Eco-Hyaluronic Acid
    • Gives a flawless complexion
    • Brighten and Refine
    • Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes
    • Re-compacts and Harmonizes
    • Revitalizes Tired Skin
    Regenerates the Skin in Menopause

    By focusing on these six key characteristics, the skin glows with a newfound radiance.
    An exception treatment 100% pure with Stem Cells, a real vegetable treasure that helps improve the essential functions of the skin and resynchronizes it to its natural rhythms.
    Its matte texture makes it imperceptible and allows it to adapt perfectly to consecutive routine treatments

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