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Multi-Hyaluronic Night Treatment

Recommended in all skin conditions, even for sensitive skin.
releases more than 1,000 micro-macro molecules of hyaluronic acid.
Anti-blemish, rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin during sleep
Protects skin cells from damage induced by external aggressions,
including those resulting from blue light


SKU: 00GL847
VAT Included
  • Emergency Treatment
    Healthy skin is a reflection of your care.
    Like the organism, the skin lives the rhythm of the seasons.

    The Green Energy night treatment is a very fresh and soothing organic mask, it helps the skin to regenerate during sleep, to be used as a pack when you want a particularly moisturizing treatment.
    It intensely quenches thirst, enhances the skin's self-repair capabilities and promotes a global and complete anti-aging action by recharging and replenishing lost hydration. Vitamins and minerals nourish the skin. An exclusive patented infusion of 14 Flowers , soothes redness and evens skin tone.
    A universal treatment, fundamental and indispensable for all ages and perfect for all skin types, even for sensitive ones.

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