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Energizing Anti-Wrinkle Serum
Face - Eyes and Lips

Instantly reveals a brighter complexion
Fights the appearance of pigment spots
Prevents the harmful effects of light and cell oxidation
Helps reduce all age-related signs of aging

Very light and very rich, it absorbs immediately
in the summer all over the face gives energy and hydrates

constantly adapting to the environment that surrounds it

Recommended for normal and combination skin


SKU: 00GL871
VAT Included
  • The '' Specific '' Eye-Face and Lips treatment that helps fight the signs of aging.
    Very delicate, it helps to slow down signs such as spots, wrinkles and dull complexion.
    It acts in synergy and combines the biological functional principles of Blueberry and Currant, Shea butter,
    Almonds, Rice Oil and Red Vine in high concentration.

    The synergy of extracts helps to:
    -Soothe-Nourish-Effectively preserve the hydration of the eye and lip contour
    -Refreshes-Tones-Prevents the appearance of wrinkles
    -Illuminate-Attenuates spots and pigmentary disorders
    -Neutralizes the effects of oxidative stress and smog
    -Protects lips from lipstick oxidative damage, cold and heat
    It strengthens the skin during the day, gives it the energy it needs and helps it to constantly adapt to the environment around it.
    Its consistency is fresh, transparent and melting.

    The paraben-free organic formula is tested under dermatological control.
    Contains no: alcohol

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