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"Your Bespoke Eco Routine"
Illuminating and Anti-Age
• Eco-Bio-Sustainable with Zero Impact
• Protects ' ' the Eco-System of Hair and Nature ''
• Preserves and prolongs intensely

shine and shine of the hair
• Strongly Concentrated
with functional substances of
Orange flowers
Pomegranate • Grape polyphenols
• The rich and melting texture
Light activator enhances coloring, highlights and streaks

avoiding the dispersion of pigments
The Vegetable Origin Cleansing Base does not contain SLES / SLS
Condition of the Hair: Colored • Stressed by Chemical Treatments


SKU: 00GL130
VAT Included
  • Benefits for Hair: Global radiance activating treatment, ideal for enhancing color, highlights and streaks avoiding the dispersion of pigments.
    Precious Light Activator Nectar : protects, preserves and prolongs the shine and integrity of the hair over time.
    It restores strength, resistance and volume, in addition to the deep nourishing action. It greatly enhances the color thanks to the presence of organic extracts of Pomegranate and Citrus and Linden flowers , active that fix the color pigments in the hair in an optimal way.
    Eco Organic, ultra rich and highly concentrated , regenerates, restructures, protects. From the very first applications, it gives evident results

    Fresh and exquisite texture , it gives a soft hair, very pleasant to the touch and perfectly untangled, greatly enhancing the color tone. Provides support, detangles and restructures hair damaged by incorrect washing, dyes and streaks

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