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"Your Bespoke Eco Routine"
• Nourishing • De-stressing
• Eco-Bio-Sustainable with Zero Impact
• Protects ' ' the Eco-System of Hair and Nature ''
• Preserves and prolongs intensely

shine and shine of the hair
• Strongly Concentrated
with functional substances of
Almonds • Cocoa • Shea
• Grape polyphenols
in high concentration
• The rich and melting texture
Multi Intensive Ultra Comforting

allows you to Destress • Nourish • Heal
highly stressed hair and scalp

The Vegetable Origin Cleansing Base does not contain SLES / SLS
Condition of the Hair: Curly • Frizzy • Stressed • Dehydrated


SKU: 00GL133
VAT Included
  • Multi Intensive Treatment • Ultra Comforting
    allows you to Destress and Nourish the hair and scalp
    De-Stressing Action . (Calendula, White Mallow, Hibiscus, Aloe): Enveloping and unmistakable, it embraces all the problems related to the obvious signs of Stress of the hair such as dehydration, fatigue and lack of nourishment.
    Returns `` manageability and nourishment '' ( Polyphenols, Vitamins And Nutrients From Cocoa Butter And Shea Butter, Aloe Barbadensis) allows you to instantly redesign and redefine the curl.
    Nourishing and Healing Action: ( Cocoa Butter) prevents the formation of split ends, strengthens the hair fiber, strengthens the hair proteins, brings high shine and lightness
    Its rich and very delicate texture , highly concentrated, repairs and redesigns the curl, brings nourishment, prolongs the shine and shine of the hair, stopping the fall

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