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"It is possible to prove 20 at 40"
“Zero point five millimeters, that's the thickness
of the skin (thin and very fragile) around the eyes
A "fresh" look takes away at least 10 years of age.
The most fragile area of the face requires intensive treatments

Sharys Night Lift Fights:
• The crow's feet
• Dark circles
Micro Wrinkles
Discromias and circled eyes
Box of 48 freeze-dried treatments

The box contains:
Cream 10ml (0.34FL oz) and + Box with 48 patches + 1 tweezers


SKU: 20208
VAT Included
  • The first highly concentrated '' High Technology '' biostimulating treatment, which acts day after day on all signs of aging , promoting the awakening of epidermal functions and cell renewal.
    Prodigious and effective, it preserves and protects the delicate mechanism of cell repair, thanks to the combined action of the molecular extract of the Imperial Orchid, a concentrate of vitamins A, C and E to protect premature aging and a PATENTED complex.
    Luxury and effectiveness: the perfect secret of a young and radiant skin.
    Preserves & Protects the radiance of the eye area, giving a wonderful look.

    The Sharys Cellular Line has been using Imperial Orchid extract for more than 15 years, to instill the secret of the longevity of this extraordinary flower in the most demanding skins, stimulating cellular metabolism, smoothing wrinkles, and helping to repair damage caused by passing. weather.

    Eye Night Lift Pleasure Treatment, an effective and precious treatment program, a line dedicated to the beauty of the eyes, very delicate and effective against dark circles, bags and signs of fatigue.
    Its extraordinary effectiveness is due not only to a new formulation reinforced by precious extracts, but also to the type of application that is extremely extraordinary in terms of use innovation, effectiveness and formulation.
    The new patch + lift cream application enhances the effects of the treatment, increasing the effectiveness of the active ingredients.It strengthens the firmness and tone of the eye contour, helps to reduce bags and small expression lines, deeply hydrates and tones by acting as a real professional anti-aging treatment. A complete pleasant treatment to use every evening.

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