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New Stronger and Active Formula
for Oily Skin Care

The Precious Cream no.2
acts Biologically on the causes of oily skin
and on aging
caused by pollution.
Super Intensive Cellular Regenerating and Purifying

to Plant Mother Cells, rich in healing molecules
• Nickel Tested • Dermatologically tested
• Raw materials obtained, always where possible, from bio-dynamic cultivation,
from organic farming and in fair conditions.

• Gluten Free • Alcohol Free •


SKU: 00GL814
VAT Included
  • n prodigious and revolutionary treatment for plant mother cells, extraordinarily rich in molecules that catalyze youth, capable of detoxifying, re-oxygenating and purifying , providing the vital energy necessary to fight the signs of aging in four synergistic and complementary actions:
    1. Detoxifies and Re-oxygenates (Mallow mucilage, Hibiscus-Rosehip Flowers, Organic Orchid)
    they stimulate the detoxification process by freeing the skin of toxins
    2. Purifies and Decongests (Mint, Organic Sea Buckthorn Stem Cells (rich in Vitamin C) and Oregano)
    they stimulate dynamism and cell renewal
    3. Multi-Moisturizer reduces microtension (Viancciolo Seeds-Rice Oil-Almond-Vit E).
    counteract skin fatigue, recharging it with youth
    4. Protects from free radicals and photo atmospheric damage (Mucilage of Orchid Flowers - Organic Currant and Viancciolo Seeds)
    they release the energies in the heart of the skin (organic stem cells of Green Tea and Mucilage of Hibiscus flowers ).
    Its aromatic and exquisite texture, creamy and melting, spreads rapidly ensuring indispensable results day after day!

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