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Maximum Concentration New Molecular Formula
highly skin-friendly, does not dry out the skin,
it does not attack it and it does not weigh it down.
► Probiotic Cleansing Gel

►Regulates oiliness and protects against irritation
►Removes impurities , helps prevent the appearance of blemishes and blackheads.
A path to be undertaken , day after day, to regain and maintain skin health, through the use of safe and effective products
Prebiotics and probiotics help to :
strengthen the skin microbiota
protect from external aggressions, inflammation and infections
relaunch the skin's self-regenerating power
help regulate the pH
counteract the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria


VAT Included
  • Impure, oily or acne-prone skin is characterized by an out-of-control, neglected or untreated inflammatory skin condition that can lead to the formation of cysts, scars or skin spots .
    The causes of this imperfection can be different, certainly at the base there is an imbalance of the skin bacterial flora .
    In SKINPURIFY you will find a selection of specialties dedicated to cleansing, hydration and care of oily, acneic or post-acneic skin.
    Formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and plant active ingredients , it helps purify, exfoliate, brighten and regenerate the epidermis .
    A constant and combined use is essential to normalize the sebaceous secretion and restore the balance of the bacterial flora, in order to help the skin regain its natural state of health.
    Prebiotics and probiotics help you and you:
    strengthen the skin microbiota
      protect the skin from inflammation and infections
      revive the skin's self-regenerating power
      they help regulate the pH
      they help to counteract the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria

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