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NUDE GLOW : the customized AlignOne illuminant ,
Intuitive and versatile, it combines Treatment with Make-up

Allows you to create an infinite number of looks , from the most natural to the most sophisticated.
Buildable result melts on the skin for a sculpted and defined face.
Dress the areas of the face that reflect the light with delicate iridescent reflections.
Sublimates the natural radiance of the skin, in a single gesture.
Thin and ultra-light texture for a "second skin" effect.

Content: 12GR
the Ethics of Green Beauty
►Waterless Molecular Formulation
►Ethical and Sustainable
►Nickel Tested
► GMO free
►Guaranteed Cruelty Free
Tested under dermatological control


VAT Included
  • Point of reference of the most famous make-up artists all over the world, it is the “must have” with which to create, design, define, correct, and naturally give space to your creativity.
    Vegan and cruelty-free, it is formulated with ingredients of natural origin and organic extracts, in compliance with the standards of the European organic guidelines.
    Without parabens, synthetic dyes, silicones, ingredients derived from petroleum.
    The camouflage pigments will surprise you at the first touch, adapting perfectly to the specific tone of your skin,
    thin and ultra-light textures for a "second skin" effect.

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