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Natural. Impalpable. Luminous: the secret of a Sustainable  EcoBio Make-up

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Pollution and smoke are able to alter the natural production cycle of collagen and elastin in the dermis, a wrong make-up does not allow the skin to breathe.
Wrinkles & wrong makeup age prematurely chronological age
Direct damage of toxins, in particular on elastic fibers, collagen fibers and enzymes of the extra cellular matrix, are the primary causes.


Green Energy Organics Le Maquillage,
opens a new dimension to make-up by adapting to all skin types. Indispensable to achieve a good contouring (technique that involves the use of light and dark colors to hide or enhance small areas) captures the light, structures and increases the brightness of the skin and eyes, sculpts the face and body with light, for a very glamorous look.
Give a Glamorous Look
The high concentration of mother-of-pearl camouflage pigments sculpts the face and revives the complexion giving an extraordinary brightness.

The complexion immediately acquires a new light and shines with iridescent reflections.
The face sports a multidimensional radiance.
Proposed in a thin and compact package, it is perfect for a quick retouch and allows you to revive your make-up in an instant.

Designed to adapt to every complexion, after application it is in fact declined in an extraordinary nuance and effects.

Brilliant and versatile, it acts on strategic points, opens up a new dimension for make-up and is ideal for creating strobing techniques *.

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